Sarah’s newest musical offering – Seven Chakras by Mama Wolf.

Sarah’s newest musical offering – Seven Chakras by Mama Wolf.

It’s been a while since my last post and I felt called to write to you all this morning about what I’ve been up to! 

Cocooning in the Mountains

I’m emerging, reluctantly, from my little cocoon in the Blue Mountains. It’s been a beautiful few months spent in isolation with my family. It feels as though there’s been a storm raging outside, but we’ve been lucky enough to keep safe here. Sending love to all those who have been impacted negatively by the coronavirus.

I will begin by paying my respects to the Aboriginal community in Australia, the traditional custodians of this land that we live on. We are finally starting to see the things you’ve been put through. We are listening. I have spent some time with an Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Mulara, reflecting on what I can do. I’ve been educating myself and my kids on how we can do better, walking in the bush and learning the songs of this place, reading some beautiful books, watching some documentaries and movies by First Nations people and donating money to organisations doing important work. 


I also visited my hometown of Terrigal last week, I put my feet in the ocean and brought home some beautiful sea glass, a reminder of resilience, transformation and endurance. Isn’t it incredible that something that was thought of as just a piece of rubbish can become so beautiful over time? Our sweet littlest one Elsie – who is 8 months old now, saw the ocean for the first time. Olive – our magical little 3 year old snuggled in close to Mama and Papa, protected from the cold sea wind. Our big 10 year old wild one, Jude ran into the ocean fully clothed! A very special reunion with the sea. Ruby, our deep thinking 15 year old collected shells on the shoreline. We visited family for the first time in many months which was special too.


While in isolation, Kris ordered me a tiny little midi keyboard as a present. He knows I’ve always loved playing keyboard and thought I might like it. Well yes, I certainly did! It’s such a beautiful experience to be with someone who knows you so well and has a generous spirit, so healing for me. I got hyper-focused (this happens to me when I’m really into something and I can’t think about much else) in all my spare time and created a magical little offering of music. It’s peaceful, meditation music. Perfect for drifting off to sleep, putting on for your kid’s at rest time or nap time, music for yoga, bath time or anytime you need a recharge and some love. 

It’s inspired by the seven chakras, and each chakra has a note and a colour it is associated with. I played keyboards, recorded my own harmonies, played Native American flute and other tiny instruments. I’m so proud of it! It has been such a healing, learning experience. I have loved teaching myself ALL the things! 

If you’d like buy it it’s available here on my band camp! It’s a ‘pay what you can’ option, a little or a lot – it’s all fine with me. I wanted to make sure it’s accessible to everyone, no matter how much money you have.


It’s also available on youtube for free – the whole 30 minute album will play continuously here. 


It’s also available on Apple Music and Spotify if that’s your jam. It’s under my pseudonym – Mama Wolf. All of my peaceful mediation music will be under this name. I hope to make LOTS more. It’s such a beautiful way to spend my spare moments. 

It was mastered by Josh Schuberth, here in the mountains.

I hope it brings a lot of peace to you.


​I’ve really enjoyed teaching myself how to record. I make lots of mistakes! And I hear them back and instead of cringing I just see it as a new lesson. I don’t think perfection really matters as much as we think it does. If the heart is there and the song is good then that’s the main thing. All of the other things will come in time as I keep making music.

Every time I go walking in the bush I usually come home with a song or part of a song. I’ve been working on a song called ‘Currawong’ which feels really special. I can’t wait to show you.

I’ve also been working on my project with Sam Buckingham and we’re releasing that this year too! I’m so proud of the songs we wrote together, the stories of women. It’s powerful work and we cried many times while writing and recording it. 

Sending you all love, wherever you are and thanks always for your support. It means so much to me.

Love Sarah x o 

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