Depth of heart and sweetness of soul are two things that flow freely through the music of Sarah Humphreys. From delicate folk music to personal reveries, vibrant collaborations and rousing alt-country songs, Sarah has the ability to infuse it all with her innate sensitivity and an artisanal touch in the craft of songwriting.

“Sharing stories and singing feels more natural to me than most things, so I always enjoy the process of watching my songs fly away and seeing where they end up. I find it easier to go deep than to have a regular conversation or fill out a form or do every day things. I love writing and singing and always will, even if there was nobody to hear it.”

Now into her second decade as a recording artist, Sarah has charted a course that has stayed true to her muse with three critically acclaimed solo albums (Teapot Trees And Love Birds, Hello, New Moon) a couple of EPs, an album of folk songs for children (Little Wonders, with Loren Kate) and a record of raw and sultry, openhearted Americana with her partner, Kristen Lee Morris – as Eagle & The Wolf.

Sarah’s third solo album New Moon was produced by recent ARIA Hall Of Fame inductee, Kasey Chambers. On release it received four stars from Rolling Stone Magazine who hailed it as ‘a mature, mediative offering from an Australian folk nymph, as natural and as honest as they come. Soulful & unpolished.’

“I’m like a boat in the middle of the sea. I can go wherever I like. Sometimes that’s a bit daunting but it’s mostly very very freeing.”

Sarah is currently working on her fourth solo album with producer Syd Green (Iota, Dirty Lucy, 19 Twenty), due for release in 2019. In her own words, it’s “raw in some parts but gentle in others,” and from the beautiful and poignant opening track ‘Tale To Tell’, the new album promises to be another tour de force of emotional and honest songwriting built on melody, melancholy and that sweet and untethered voice. “I sank my teeth into some parts of myself, the shadowier places, seeing what is there and what needs to be seen and heard,” Sarah says of the new album. “I am healing things and singing my way through it. I’ve gone back to the piano on this record a fair bit, an instrument I played when I was a little girl.”

Sarah will once again be gracing stages at her favourite festivals and touring nationally throughout 2019.

“From the first time I heard Sarah Humphreys’ beautiful voice I became her biggest fan. She writes songs from the heart that are real and captivating – just like the person she is.”
– Kasey Chambers